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About Issues of Your Win95 Version for Android

Sep 28, 2014 at 9:01 AM
Hi Mingzhi,

Good day. I'm a fan of pal and also ur software.
Just had simple discuss with u at
Assembled the Android project of Win95 version u provided ( ), and found the issues below.
  1. If one person is hit by the enimy without a weapon (by fist or probably by foot), there is no sound effect played. But if he/she is hit by weapon, there is sound effect.
    Not sure whether it is all the "being hit" sound effect missed to play or just missing the hitting sound effect of fist/foot. I think that probably the first one.
  2. I found that it only supports the rix music package, and no midi package or file supported.
    Would u like to add the related function in the source code? And also the better to add the CD musics transferred music files into the support list.
  3. The user interface is not good enough as the Dos version published on the google play store.
    It only filled the whole screen, but it will break the original scale of the graphics. And also the better is to have filters of the screen, just like the Dos one. I think it won't be a huge task because u have already got the source code of it.
  4. Not sure whether it is possible/easy to make it realize, but if the AVI video is supported, it should be much better.
Anyway, thanks a lot for you contribution to this project and made us availabe to enjoy the game on our mobile devices, and if any test needed, i want to join u.

Remember the symbian one? I was the guy who provided u the justification text file of the magic and goods...

Nice holiday, and waiting for your new surprise to us.